Northeast Farm Access- Agroecology Advisory Board

Here I am pictured with Dr. Claudia Ford, Director of the Agroecology Project of Northeast Farm Access.

I serve as a member of the Advisory Board for the Northeast Agroecology Project (a project of Northeast Farm Access).

Our current crisis in agriculture, farming, and food systems arises from many factors. Addressing it requires a many-faceted approach to supporting the health of farms, people, and ecosystems. It is well-known that healthy on-farm ecosystems can also play a role outside of the obvious agricultural one, such as to enhance wildlife and pollinator habitat and groundwater quality, and even reinvigorate local economy.

NEFA’s Northeast Agroecology Program, made possible with donor support, is designed to conduct and manage scientific and social-science research that answers fundamental questions about social and agricultural ecology.

In the 2016 growing season, at NEFA’s three New York agricultural centers in Copake, Chester, and Kingston, New York, a multidisciplinary approach and mixed methods began to be utilized to analyze the social and ecological impacts and benefits that are generated when agriculture, people’s livelihoods, and nature co-exist (sourced from the NEFA website).

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